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Baen Books has been publishing CDs along with selected books for many years now. They have been making the corresponding ISO images available at their Ebooks website, as well. Baen allows copies of those CDs and ISO images to be distributed freely, as long as no profit is made by the distributor.

Those image files have been mirrored by several websites, including bittorrent sites, namely and However, oberon has been down for quite a while now.

Eventually, I decided to recreate the bittorrent files. I've referenced established public bittorrent trackers, namely PublicBitTorrent and OpenBitTorrent. I've changed the Numbering of the CDs aways from the order used by other mirror sites, in order to get some sanity back into that numbering scheme. I've numbered the CDs by the date the books were published.

Additionally, I've re-created the iso images, as well, in order to achieve maximum compatibility for all operating systems out there. Each iso image now has a iso9660 level 3 file system on it, including Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions. Additionally, the images are now compatible with the UDF and HFS file systems. This should provide for maximum compatibilty accross all popular operating systems.

List of torrents


Downloads might be slow in the beginning. I'm seeding from my home DSL line. Please help seeding.

The following table lists the links to torrent files of all CD image files ever published. Whenever available, the iso images are derived from those available at Baen Ebooks. As not all images are available there at the moment, I've used other mirror sites, you can see the source of the file in the table. Be advised that the images listed in the "Source" column are not identical to the images provided by my torrents. They have the same contents, but vary in file system structure in order to make them more compatible with all those different operating systems used out there.

CD # Book Title Link Source
01 War of Honor Baen_CD-01-War_of_Honor.iso.torrent Baen
02 Hell's Faire Baen_CD-02-Hell's_Faire.iso.torrent Baen
03 The Far Side of the Stars Baen_CD-03-The_Far_Side_of_the_Stars.iso.torrent Baen
04 There Will Be Dragons Baen_CD-04-There_Will_be_Dragons.iso.torrent Baen
05 This Scepter'd Isle Baen_CD-05-This_Scepter'd_Isle.iso.torrent Baen
06 Wind Rider's Oath Baen_CD-06-Wind_Rider's_Oath.iso.torrent Baen
07 The Shadow of Saganami Baen_CD-07-The_Shadow_of_Saganami.iso.torrent Baen
08 Into the Looking Glass Baen_CD-08-Into_the_Looking_Glass.iso.torrent Baen
09 Ghost Baen_CD-09-Ghost.iso.torrent Baen
10 At All Costs Baen_CD-10-At_All_Costs.iso.torrent Baen
11 Unto the Breach Baen_CD-11-Unto_the_Breach.iso.torrent Baen
12 Hell Hath No Fury Baen_CD-12-Hell_Hath_No_Fury.iso.torrent Baen
13 1634: The Baltic War Baen_CD-13-1634_The_Baltic_War.iso.torrent Baen
14 The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham Baen_CD-14-The_Spider_Robot_Titans_of_Gotham.iso.torrent Baen
15 The Best of Jim Baen's Universe Baen_CD-15-The_Best_of_Jim_Baen's_Universe.iso.torrent Baen
16 When the Tide Rises Baen_CD-16-When_the_Tide_Rises.iso.torrent Baen
17 Claws That Catch Baen_CD-17-Claws_That_Catch.iso.torrent Baen
18 Storm from the Shadows Baen_CD-18-Storm_from_the_Shadows.iso.torrent Baen
19 Eye of the Storm Baen_CD-19-Eye_of_the_Storm.iso.torrent Baen
20 Torch of Freedom Baen_CD-20-Torch_of_Freedom.iso.torrent Baen
21 Mission of Honor Baen_CD-21-Mission_of_Honor.iso.torrent Baen
22 1635: The Eastern Front Baen_CD-22-1635_The_Eastern_Front.iso.torrent Joe
23 Cryoburn Baen_CD-23-Cryoburn.iso.torrent Baen
24 Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicle Baen_CD-24-Invasion.iso.torrent Joe
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